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What Sets Us Apart at Premium Barbershop | The Best Vaughan Barbershop

The advantage of owning your own barbershop is you get to decipher what the ambiance will be like and lay it out to reflect your brand. The various factors that can influence your business’ chances of success can be anything from the employees to even the furniture you use. Our Vaughan barbershop is highly recognized for numerous things, two of which are the valuable services provided and our upscale environment. At Premium Barbershop, we really wanted to differentiate our brand from competitors. We focus on our quality work while offering a place for our customers to feel relaxed and comfortable. A visit to our shop is enjoyable, you will always feel welcomed and we are thankful for our community that keeps growing. Find out more about how our barbershop sets us apart in this exclusive article.

Our Experienced Barbers

We have hired very experienced, skilled barbers that excel at any haircut or style. They are capable of achieving the look you want while advising you on what’s trending or what best suits your face shape. Our master barbers have formed a clientele that always comes back, not only does their expertise set them apart but their customer service and friendliness allows for a valuable bond with the client. 


Quality Products & Modern Tools

We provide high quality hair products that our customers rave about. We don’t use just anything for your hair because your hair deserves the elite treatment. On the other hand, our revolutionary grooming tools are some of the best on the market. They are efficient, safe, and modernized equipment that assists our barbers in really delivering that A-grade haircut or style. We believe that investing in the appropriate gadgets can take your barbershop business to another level ensuring that you stand out from the competition. 


Upscale Environment

We elevate the traditional barbershop to a one of a kind experience. Our Vaughan barbershop is certainly unlike any other, from our luxury decor to the upscale espresso bar, we have created a setting that really feels and looks unique. 


Come endure the Premium experience, we provide some of the best haircuts using our up-to-date tools and modernized techniques. Most importantly, we focus on providing high-end services and quality work through our mastery, professionalism, and attention to detail. When you are dedicated and have passion for what you do, it will always set you apart and it shows. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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