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Guide & Tips for Men’s Haircuts | Best Barbershop in Vaughan

Your haircut can define your personality and character. It’s how some people remember you by, kind of like a logo. This guide is here to help you the next time that you are at the barbershop to assist you in how you can get the best haircut. At Premium Barbershop, we listen to all your needs and communicate with you to achieve the desired results. The ideal haircut Vaughan experience is found right here at our shop.
Importance of a Great Haircut A first date, job interview, or important event, investing in a crisp haircut is a must for your confidence. You can check all of the above, but if your hair is lacking some presentation, then it might be time to make a trip to the barbershop. Here’s an interesting ‘did you know’ fact. According to a survey conducted by Axe, almost 74% of women agree that hair is the first thing they notice about men. Aside from impressing the ladies or whomever, you should never underestimate the importance of a haircut because it represents you and shows that you are well pampered and look after yourself. It’s a leading influence that defines first impressions, when someone isn’t groomed they probably come off as sluggish or some may not even take them as serious. As sad as that sounds, it does play a role in society these days. Nonetheless, don’t neglect your hair, and it also feels good when you go get groomed by your favourite barber. 


Which Hairstyle to Choose

Now that you have a better understanding of why a haircut is important, it’s time to actually pick what suits your style and preferences.   

If you are leaning towards a low maintenance hairstyle, then going short would be the ideal choice. These types of haircuts have well-defined features but are very simple to style if need be. One very popular short haircut would be the buzz cut.   

Medium length styles require a little more maintenance than the shorter haircuts. In short, it may mean you would have to pay your barber more frequent visits; however, it’s totally worth it considering the medium length haircuts are generally more appealing and add a spin to your personality. A comb over hairstyle is a popularized haircut for medium length.   

Some long hairstyles require fewer trips to the barber while other types of haircuts require more depending on if one side or sides are shaved. You will definitely need to establish a solid hair wash regimen to keep your hair in tiptop condition, not to mention the brushing as well to avoid tangles and provide general care. The man bun hairstyle is a highly favoured long hairdo, it can be paired with faded sides or even some highlights to add contrast.   

Look no further than our shop for a top notch haircut Vaughan experience. We consider your face shape, hair texture, and preferences to give you a haircut that best suits your needs and overall style. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to book you in with our master barbers.  
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