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What should I tell my barber?

What Should I Tell My Barber? A Guide to Perfect Haircuts Every Time


Getting a perfect haircut shouldn’t be a game of chance. It’s about clear communication and collaboration between you and your barber. When your barber asks that familiar question, “What are we doing today?” having a few key details in mind can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what every guy should tell his barber to ensure you get a haircut you love.

1. Communicate How Long It’s Been:

Start by letting your barber know how long it has been since your last haircut. Barbers understand how hair grows, so this information helps them visualize your previous look. You can choose to maintain the same style or describe the changes you’d like to make.

2. Share Your Lifestyle:

Your haircut should complement your lifestyle. Share details about where you work, your leisure activities, weekend plans, your daily hair routine, and anything else that might be relevant. Your barber needs to understand your lifestyle to create a cut that suits you perfectly.

3. Be Specific About Your Desired Look:

Precision is key when conveying your desired haircut. Instead of vague instructions like “short on the sides, long on top,” use specific terminology to ensure your barber knows exactly what you want:

  • Specify the length you desire in inches (e.g., 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches).
  • If you’re unsure about clipper settings, ask your barber to start longer and gradually go shorter until you’re satisfied.
  • For longer hair, clarify how much you want to be cut off, whether you want a layered cut for added movement, or if you prefer a tapered cut for varying lengths.
  • Describe the sharpness of the transition between long and short hair. Options include a shaved part (long on top, buzzed on the sides) for a clean look or a natural, blended transition for a more conservative style.
  • Discuss texturing if you want to reduce hair bulk, especially for thicker hair.
  • Specify your preferred neckline style, whether it’s tapered (natural) or squared (block).
  • For fringe (bangs), communicate how long you want them and any desired styling.

The more specific you are, the easier it is for your barber to bring your vision to life.

4. Bring a Picture (of Yourself):

Visual aids can be incredibly helpful. Bring a picture of yourself after a haircut you genuinely liked. This gives your barber a clear reference that takes your individual hair traits into account, such as thickness, texture, and your hairline. Pictures of someone else’s hair may not accurately reflect what’s achievable with your hair.


A perfect haircut is a collaboration between you and your barber. By sharing information about your hair’s history, your lifestyle, and your specific preferences, you can ensure that your barber has all the tools needed to create a look you’ll love. Don’t hesitate to bring a photo of your own hair as a reference, and remember that clarity in communication is the key to achieving a flawless haircut every time.

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