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The Best Barbering Techniques

A well-groomed haircut is the result of an experienced barber. A lot more men are becoming more keen when it comes to their hair’s appearance so they try to go to a barber that understands their specific preferences. Our master barber Vaughan professionals are always up to trend and have the skillset to prove that we are one of the best in the city. If you are struggling with which hairstyle to choose, the right barber can determine what would suit you considering important factors such as face shape or even hair texture. There are also basic techniques and principles that barbers should be aware of to enhance the cut. What are they? Read through to find out the best barbering techniques and procedures.

Technique 1 – Scissors Over Fingers When Cutting

Whether you are an aspiring barber or currently running your own business, this technique is used in layering vertical or horizontal sections. It can be used with any kind of pair of scissors and it’s applicable to all sections of the hair. 


Technique 2 – Scissors Over Comb When Cutting

Using a comb is one of the most essential tools when cutting men’s hair. This technique is similar to the previous technique mentioned except that this method is mainly used for shorter hair. It can also be used to define shapes on the sides. The purpose of the comb is to lift the hair and serves as a guide for the scissors in shaping and perfecting the overall cut.


Technique 3 – Clipper Over Comb When Cutting

This is a fundamental skill when cutting men’s hair. The results of this technique are usually a very short, shaved look. A variety of finishes are possible with this technique depending on the clipper’s size. It’s an ideal method for removing a large amount of thick hair and can provide more consistency throughout for an even, clean cut. 


Technique 4 – The Blade on Skin

This technique is most commonly used for outlining and finishing a haircut with a pair of scissors or clippers. It works great on faded or tapered haircuts. This technique can be paired with scissors or clippers and can be used on the following areas:


  • Outlining the temple and forehead areas with shorter haircuts.
  • Shaving the hair at the back where the neck is. 
  • Shorten the length of bangs.
  • Around the ears for a clean outline. 


Those are four, very basic techniques that every barber should be familiar with. Our barber Vaughan specialists are experts in regards to the latest methods. They apply these valuable techniques to the respected haircuts to achieve a crisp finish for the client. With that, you build trust and a returning customer when used efficiently. We stress the importance of understanding the fundamental concepts and methods when cutting men’s hair. Call our Premium team today to book with one of our reliable and friendly barbers, we can’t wait to see you here!

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