A Guide to Different Haircuts for Men

If you’re contemplating whether or not you should attempt a new hairstyle, then perhaps this guide may help you from overthinking the process. Understanding the style you have in mind and being able to communicate your thoughts with your barber or our haircut Woodbridge barbers is the first step in obtaining excellent and satisfactory results.

Any barbershop Woodbridge has is unlike Premium Barbershop Inc. If you’re in search of barbers that will understand and meet your specific needs, then our team is the one you’ve awaited for. The concept of various hairstyles and cuts is more than just short, medium, or long measurements. There are many aspects to keep in mind such as the parting, bangs, fade, and sides to say the least. The great news is that this guide is here to assist you in distinguishing between varying cuts. Many of these men’s haircuts are your traditional and classic styles, while the others are contemporary or trending cuts. A mix of both can be ideal as well, read through for the ultimate guide on the diverse options that our haircut Woodbridge team are the masters at.

Buzz Cut

This particular haircut is as short as you can go. What our barbershop Woodbridge experts admire about this cut is that it is the most low maintenance hairstyle out there. It is defined by its really short length that is trimmed using clippers that go very close to the scalp. It was popularized amongst the military periods since many soldiers would have this cut.

Caesar Haircut

The prime feature of the Caesar haircut is the short, straight-cut fringe style, which gets its name from Julius Caesar. He styled his hair forward leaving it that short fridge at the front. It is quite the versatile haircut, so regardless of your hair type, the Caesar cut can be pulled off by anyone. This particular style is quite popular among younger boys who participate in high-energy activities and sports.

Blowout Hairstyle

This unique style is meant to look wind-blown. It is defined by the aesthetic of having a volumized top with shorter or fading sides. The top is usually a lot longer and styled to your preference. It is fantastic for those with longer hair because they can reap the benefits of styling it with the use of a blow dryer. Our haircut Woodbridge masters will advise you on what can best suit your face while reflecting your aesthetic needs.

Comb Over

Don’t look further for a barbershop in Woodbridge that excels in comb over haircuts. This hairstyle is when the hair on top of the head is combed over from one side to the other. You might think to yourself that this is a vintage style your grandfather must have done, but it has been one of the most popular current hairstyle go-to’s within the industry. There is no need for extra length, even a few inches will get the job done to achieve the comb over style.