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A Barber’s Guide to Men’s Haircuts

You settle into your barber’s chair and he asks, so what’ll it be?

With so many options for men’s hairstyles, how do you pick the best?

A premium barber shop can tell you about what’s trending in men’s hairstyles. They
can also explain how they’ll achieve a tried and true classic cut. An experienced
barber can advise you on the best hairstyles for your hair texture, length, and face-

But if you’re curious about your options before even getting into the barber’s seat,
then read on.

This barber’s guide is for you if:
• You’re looking to level-up and feel more attractive, and you want to start with
your hair.
• You’ve been rocking the same hairstyle for the last decade, and wonder if it’s re-
ally the best your hair can be.
• You’re contemplating a big change, such as growing out your hair, or going from
long-to short.
• You’re curious about what your current hairstyle conveys to others about your
• You simply want to know what options for different men’s hairstyles are out
So whether you’re in need of a haircut, contemplating a completely new hairstyle,
or just want to know your options, this guide will help you out.

*low maintenance *ultimate masculine *minimalist

A classic, low maintenance, masculine cut, the buzz cut can refer to a variety of
very short hairstyles, typically where the length of hair is the same on all parts of
the head.

Achieved by using clippers that go very close to the scalp, the buzz cut is both
clean and a little rugged.

Buzz cuts tend to look best on those men with evenly proportioned or strong fea-
tures, and either a diamond, square or oval shaped face.

Of course the buzz cut may also suit other face shapes, but may look best with
some strategic beard trimming to balance the shape of the head and face.
Buzz cuts can signal confidence, and work wonders for men with widow’s peak,
bald patches, or a receding hairline. Think Jason Statham from The Transporter.
Although the buzz cut is technically low maintenance, to keep the sharp and clean
appearance, you’ll want to visit your barber every 2-3 weeks, depending on how
fast your hair grows.

There are some variations with this short cut, including creatively dyeing like De-
nis Rodman, and depending on your hair texture, designs, if that’s your thing.

From Kayne West to Brad Pitt, the buzz cut is considered both a classic and trend-
ing hairstyle for men.

If you aren’t sure if a buzz cut will be right for your face or even ear shape, ask for
your barber’s opinion.

*versatile *stylish *effortlessly cool
Yes, this haircut is named after the Roman Emperor!

A men’s hairstyle with short, horizontally cut bangs, or fringe, the Caesar haircut is
one of the most versatile men’s cuts.

Whether you have straight, wavy or even curly hair, all men should be able to pull
off some version of the Caesar. It’s not only ancient but one of today’s most popu-
larly requested men’s cuts.

With the hair layered to around 2-5cm, the Caesar doesn’t require thick flowing
hair to achieve the style. It’s perfect for men with thinning hair.

If your hair is textured, and a little unruly, the Caesar can be cut short enough to
keep the hair tamed and in place.

A classic Caesar cut has the hair at the same length on the top, back, and sides. A
contemporary update, and one of the many variations you can achieve with the
Caesar cut is a taper fade.

With some expert barbering, the Caesar will work for all face shapes.

Ask your barber what they think the best Caesar cut for your particular hair texture
would be. Discuss the options like length, fade, taper fade or undercut, straight or
uneven cut fringe, and possibly what hair products may help change-up your look.
A Caesar can come across as both extremely polished, or messy and effortless, but
always stylish.

Think: George Clooney, Zac Efron (side swept Caesar) Russell Crowe

*unique *wild *head-turner
Quite literally the look attempts to mimic your hair if it was blown out by the wind.
Voluminous, carefree and attractive. Think, the kind of hair others want to run
their fingers through… but probably can’t because of either the texture or hair
products involved with this style.

With length and volume at the top and shorter or fading sides, the temple area
trimmed short, this style is also known as the temple fade or taper fade. While not
considered a classic cut, the blowout has enjoyed popularity, especially among
celebrities in almost every decade, blowing up in the 90’s and 2000’s.
The blowout keeps coming back into style because it’s bold and unique. Think
Pauly D from Jersey Shore.

The top of the hair can be styled to suit your preferences and hair texture. From
straight, messy, short, curly, or afro hair, the blowout hairstyle can look very dif-
ferent on different men. This is why it’s essential to have an experienced barber
who will meet your expectations and style needs.

Typically working best for men who have thicker, textured, or African American
hair, this hairstyle may be a challenge for men with thinning, fine or extremely
straight hair-without the aid of a lot of product.

If you have more textured, or African American hair, you shouldn’t need a
blowdryer to achieve this look. However even with thicker or textured hair, you’ll
likely need a pomade to achieve that fresh from the barber blowout style on your

Ask your barber for some tips and tricks and the right products to get that lush,
freshly electrocuted blowout hairstyle that will definitely make heads turn.

*Timeless *Sophisticated *Polished
No, not your grandpa’s or Donald Trumps’ combover, but a classic, contemporary
twist on a mens hairstyle that’s sleek and sophisticated.

Quite literally, this hairstyle is when the hair on top of the head is combed over
from one side to the other, often with a hard side part. This is not to cover balding,

but rather to give you the appearance of more volume. It’s really just styling your
hair to one side. David Beckham has rocked the combover.

If you have longer hair, the comb over may be the best way to tame your locks for
an elegant and polished looking hairstyle.

With little to no styling time, this a fairly low maintenance hairstyle that can ele-
vate a man’s look. You’ll want to discuss with your barber the sharpness of your
side part, and even the optimal side to comb over.

The comb over cut works for men with straight, wavy, fine or thick hair, and tends
to suit square and oval shaped faces best.

*classic *confident *edgy
A classic style worn by icons like Elvis Presley and James Dean, the versatility of
the quiff cannot be underestimated. A good barber can cut a quiff to suit any face
shape, hair texture, and aesthetic.

Defined by being short, or shaven on the sides, between a #1, 2 or 3, and longer on
the top, with the bulk of hair cut towards the front. Brushing the hair forward and
taming it with product is one of the most simplistic way to achieve a quiff. This is
a versatile cut that grows out quite well, and doesn’t require the styling time of a

Whether you want to give off a casual or professional vibe, the quiff can do both.
A classic quiff -think like the pompadour, is a lot more clean and professional.
Whereas a messy quiff, gives off a carefree and relaxed vibe.

Short hair, medium length or long, a quiff can be adapted to your uniqueness.

*refined *cool *classy

The undercut highlights a man’s facial structure and gives off a clean, fresh vibe.
With longer hair on top of the head and shortly buzzed sides and back, the under-
cut demonstrates to the world your commitment to grooming.

Whether you have a man-bun or a structured quiff, the undercut requires precision
from your barber to achieve one of the many variations of the fade, skin fade or
graduations that will work best for you.

Suited for all hair types, straight, wavy, or curly, your barber should be an expert in
this popular cut that will require some maintenance. Whether you want to visit the
barber every couple weeks to get that professional, crisp look, or learn how to do
some upkeep in between barber visits, keeping the sides really short is key to this
cool men’s cut.

The undercut is a classic men’s hairstyle that has stood the test of time, while re-
maining on trend.

Can’t decide….? Visit your barber!

With over 30 different men’s hairstyles and countless variations within those hair-
styles, choosing a men’s haircut that is right for you can be a challenge.

At Premium Barbershop, we are ranked the best barber shop in Toronto, we’ll help you achieve the hairstyle that fits
best with who you are, or who you want to become.

Book an appointment with one of our excellent barbers and they’ll make sure to
match your needs and style preferences with the haircut made for you.

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